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Problem with email from Qlikview.com

Hi guys,

Can anyone give a light on this?

Since last week I don't receive emails from the domain qlikview.com but instead I receive the following message:


     From: no-reply@qlikview.com

       To: myself@mydomain.com

     Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2014 03:43:12 GMT

   Reason: qlikview.com ERROR: SPF validation failed

It also happened when I registered for a training and was expecting for the tax invoice and some more info about the training(email from trainingaustralia@qlikview.com )

I know the IT department installed a Mcafee anti spam last month and I believe this is blocking those emails. When I wrote to them, this was the reply:

HI Daniel,

You need to get the sender to fix up their SPF record:

If you get them to forward this message to the IT department. They should be able to resolve it.


From:trainingaustralia@qlikview.comTo:myself@mydomain.comSubject: Size: Message ID: Tracking ID:4b240e35.0.490808.00-2093.935873.s15p02m001.mxlogic.netSender IP: Score:0Timestamp Event

2014-08-05 12:34:29 EST Recipient Disposition: [554 qlikview.com ERROR: SPF validation failed (Mode: normal); Mode: ; Queued: no; Frontend TLS: no; SPF: n/a]

Can anyone help on this matter??


Daniel de Sousa

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Re: Problem with email from Qlikview.com


You may need to contact

Qlik Qoncierge Service



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