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16 pf chart


I am trying to reproduce a chart like the uploaded picture (Original 16pf Chart) . The data set is fairly simple. Every one of the 15 Participants gets a score for various skills (Abstractedness, Apprehension, Dominance etc). The best I could come up with was a line chart with the “Show data points” enabled (16pf Line Chart). Unfortunately, I could not find an option where I can show only the data points (and not the lines). Moreover, I was not able to change the shape of the data points (I would like to use a square with a diamond inside and the color of the square should be different for each participant in case I want to show two or more Participants in the same chart).

Is it possible to build a chart that resembles the uploaded picture in Qlik Sense?

I am attaching the qvf file in case someone want to help me out.

Thank you in advance!

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Digital Support
Digital Support

@cranton what about a Box Plot?  https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/September2020/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Sense_Hub/Visualizations/BoxP...

I think that is about the closest I can find to what you are trying to do.  Check that out and see if maybe you cannot make that work.  Sorry I do not have anything better for you.


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Thank you for your hint. Unfortunately a Box Plot is not able to reproduce the chart I need. I understand that it may not be in the scope of Qlik, to represent data in the specific way. After extensive reading I came to the conclusion that the Picasso extension might be the only way to reproduce the specific chart. But I was hoping for a quicker and easier solution.