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3 Tier architecture in qlik sense

Hi All,

We are planning to implement 3 tier architecture in Qlik sense.

For 3 tier we are using extractor QVf file for QVD generation.

Transformed layer- QVF file   for aggregated QVD.

Then data model QVF file and on the top of that there is application QVF file.

But in QMC(Qlik sense management console) we can create and schedule the task for those QVFs files these are present in default location.

Also in that case folder structure will not work.

May I know how do we set up the folder structure in Qlik sense same as Qlik view.


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Esteemed Contributor

Re: 3 Tier architecture in qlik sense

You have control over where the QVDs are stored, but the actual qvfs will all be in the Cluster Share is f you are using shared persistence. You don't need to set up a folder structure.


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