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6 Month Trend Line Chart Help

Hi all,

I am using Qlik Sense and trying to create a 6 month dynamic line chart.

Right now my dimension is:


Month_Sort displays the date as 'YYYY-MMM'.

My measure is:

count({1<Date={'>=$(=AddMonths(Max(Date),-5)) <=$(=(Max(Date)))'}>}[Review Due Date])

The line chart shows all the data and not the most recent 6 months.

Can anyone help me with my issues?



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Re: 6 Month Trend Line Chart Help

What is your Date field format?

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Re: 6 Month Trend Line Chart Help

Hi Ale,

I would recommend building a master calendar and creating a flag for the past 6 months. Then you can opt to ignore selections made in the application, such as other date fields and your chart is not impacted.

The chart would update for selections made in other fields such as departments, people, whatever is in your data. Maximizes your flexibility. 

If this is of interest I'd be happy to share some code from a master calendar.

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Re: 6 Month Trend Line Chart Help

Try to replace the simple quotes by double quotes

count({1<Date={">=$(=AddMonths(Max(Date),-5)) <=$(=(Max(Date)))"}>}[Review Due Date])

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