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A few questions

Hello everyone,

my company recently started using Qlink Sense for some of our customers. One of them produces milk with his cows and this gets registered by a robot. We want to analyse the cows. Attached is a file with the outcome of one cow's production from the last few months. In the Excel file there is a number in box D3. This is the number of the animal, we have 130 of these excel files for every different animal. Now is my question if it is possible to let Qlik recognise this number in each of these files and make a dimension out of it. Doing so whe can make different graphics and scatterplots.

I also want to know if it is possible to set a piece of a formula so it won't change if a dimension is used. For example i have the sum of milkproduction as a total. When i select an animal i want to see the sum of his production/total production *price so i can use this to calculate the revenue this particular animal produces. The total production should be fixed in this formula, like the F4 function ($) in Excel. Is this possible?

With a different customer i have a problem with the calender. In Excel the rows with the date have the same settings, however when i use this in Qlik only 2016 get's recognised, the fields with the dates of 2015 are grey. How can this be fixed?

Thanks in advance!

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Creator II
Creator II

Hi, All above Queries can be solved in Qlik. Qlik Sense can solve a lot more complex queries as well. Please try it, it will help you to derive better insights on your business. Below is myID incase if you want to send data. Parimikitt@gmail.com