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Access Issue of AD users


I am having some trouble setting up my users. I have Sense Server  2.0 setup with my license and tokens. I have used Active directory  importing users. I have an App imported and assigned to a stream Everyone .  I have allocated one of the user among active directory But when I try to access the Hub as one of these users I am of course asked for Username and Password again and again ,but if  I access Hub from RootAdmin's  ID and Password in external browser it perfectly works fine .I have also tried with creating Excel (ODBC) .Even that is also not working properly and I am unable to find problem as I have done as per Video available on community .Yet I cannot find problem and solution regarding this Usernames and Passwords. Can anyone point me in the right direction on where I can set up my usernames and passwords?


Akshata Shinde.

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Re: Access Issue of AD users

Hi Akshata,

You might want to look at this post:

Users Not Appearing in the User Access Allocations list

Have you checked that your Users have synced into the Users list correctly?  Your explanation above implies this is not happening.  Check the above post to make sure an important setting is checked, re-sync your User Directory Connector, and try again.

Using Active Directory should ensure the user only needs to enter their username and password once, at most.

Hope this helps, and please mark as correct or helpful if it does.



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Re: Access Issue of AD users

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the help, I have checked " User access allocation list " , User is appearing in this list and status is "Allocated". Even in Active directory username and password entered correctly ,AD was successfully updated. Still if user other than RootAdmin try to access Hub , user  is not able to login using username and Password.

Thanks in advance,


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