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Access Qliksense Application using Microsoft Application Gateway

Hi ,

Qliksense Application is running on Microsoft Azure using Network Load Balancer.

but we required to work in over Microsoft Application Gateway.

Is there any one have implemented solution so kindly share me the Step what we required to change on both Application gateway side and Qliksense Server side.

There are some document available on community but all explain using Load Balancer.

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Access Qliksense Application using Microsoft Application Gateway

Hi Mukesh,

Did you ever got an answer to this? We also trying to setup Qlik behind and Azure AppGW. Looking at other posts around reverse proxy there's a few settings you need such as redirecting requests for authentication but they don't seem to fit with AppGW config (they all for Nginx or IIS)
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Re: Access Qliksense Application using Microsoft Application Gateway

Hi, I have deployed Qlik Sense using application gateway in azure. The provisioning and set up of the gateway depends on number of factors, such as - single site or multi sites, number of back-end pool(s), http redirect etc. Good points to note that it supports websockets. There is one issue I haven't figured out yet is how to connect to the QRS API on port 4242 with certificates directly. the SSL offloading causing me issues.

As for Qlik Sense, ther isn't any set up specific to application gateway. I have used SAML authentication with AAD and just usual white listing of the domain and standard configuration.

Have a look at the following links, that might get you on the correct path.

Single site - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/application-gateway/quick-create-portal

Multi site - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/application-gateway/application-gateway-create-multisite-port...

Note: I suspect you have SSl for the domain you will be using. Use port 443 for https. You can set up a listener on application gateway to forward all http (port 80) traffic to 443. Please make sure you configure and open the appropriate port in azure NSG that is attached. Also in vm firewall.

I have tested this with SAML and windows authentication and both just standard qlik sense configurations.