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Creator III
Creator III

Accessing variable

Is it possible to use variable declared in one app to be used in another app?

For Example : If Let varLastReload = 8 in Qliksense app named as Temp1

                        Can I use Let varLastExec = '$(varLastReload)' in another qliksense app Temp2  which refers to varLastReload in Temp1

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary


But you can store this variable in a QVD file and load it again in other model



      '$(varLastReload)'   as LastReload


store LastExec into LastExec.qvd ;

in other model you can just load the LastExec.qvd

Creator III
Creator III

Alessandro Furtado, Can you please let me know about the use of autogenerate(1) in the above script?

Master III
Master III

autogenerate is the way to create qlik sense table records manually in the script. 'One' means one row. So you are actually storing variable value in a table field and then storing/persisting it as qvd which can be read in any other application.

Creator III
Creator III

instead of having a fixed value as 1, is it possible to have n rows?

Can you advise the context of your question ?  As in what end result you are after.

Creator III
Creator III

@Bill Markham, I want to create a log of last reload date.

ID    Date

1      1st Reload Date

2      2nd Reload Date

..            .....

n)      nth reload date    

I do that by incrementally loading the reload run date etc.... into a QVD.

Master III
Master III

Yes, you can. It depends on how do you want to use it. If I understand your need correctly, you can add this one row in last created QVD by first loading the QVD and adding new record through autogenerate using concatenate keyword.