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Accumulated Line Chart Appearance


I am trying to create an accumulated Line chart in QlikSense displaying 5 metrics against MonthYear.

Some of my metrics have values only for a few months and I want to display that line only till the last month the data is available. Attached is a sample chart created in Excel.

I am using the below formula for accumulation but it shows one extra data point as 0 (PFA). Also, another problem with this formula might be if there is a data point after a few missing months, it would not rangesum correctly.  

= rangesum(above(sum(Value), 0, NumericCount(Value)))

Can someone suggest a better way to achieve this.

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Re: Accumulated Line Chart Appearance

Hello Shashank,

Try the below condition in your set analysis:


It will give you accumulated Line chart


Re: Accumulated Line Chart Appearance

maybe this:

= rangesum(above(sum(Value), 0, RowNo() ) )

Re: Accumulated Line Chart Appearance

May be this

If(Sum(Value) > 0, RangeSum(Above(Sum(Value), 0, NumericCount(Value))))

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Re: Accumulated Line Chart Appearance

Dual(If(MonthYear=Max(MonthYear), Country, ''),Sum(value))

**Note :

you should change the fields country ,value according to your need.