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Accumulation In Qlik Sense

Hello Team ,

In Qlikview we have Full Accumulation Option . But in Qlik Sense we dont have .

For single Dimension We can use

rangesum( above( sum([Expression1]),0,rowno()))

But if we have 2 Dimension in Place . How to get Accumulation .

I have tried in This way

=Max( Aggr( rangesum( above( Sum(Aggr(sum({<No = {10}>} Expression),Filed-1,Field-2)),0,RowNo())),


But it not Working . There is any better way to Get Full Accumulation .

Thanks In Advance ,


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MVP & Luminary

Re: Accumulation In Qlik Sense

Perhaps like this: rangesum( above(total sum([Expression1]),0,rowno(total)))

If not you can try using an AsOf kind of table: The As-Of Table

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Re: Accumulation In Qlik Sense

Hi !

Did you find the solution ?

i'm really interested