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Contributor II
Contributor II

Active directory pulling through users as Inactive


We are trying to set up and active directory link to manage our users in QlikSense, and the group has been set up and the user directory connector has been set up and pulls everyone through, but it keeps flagging everyone as Yes to inactive.

connection: DAP://northbristol.local/CN=Qliksense users,OU=User Security Groups,OU=Trust Users,DC=northbristol,DC=local

We have an excel connection that works and pulls everyone in an flags as No to inactive. Why does Excel default to active but AD default to inactive? There seems to be no way to change this in QlikSense once loaded.

Also - since trying to get the AD set up we now have every user duplicated with user directory set to northbristol and a northbristol1 (not sure why or if this is part of the problem?).

Any help appreciated.



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QMC, go to Proxies - Central Proxy and click Edit.

Then, click on the "Default proxy" property on the right panel and add the IP address and all dns names of the server to the "Websocket origin whitelist".

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Bala,

Adding IP address and all dns names to the "Websocket origin whitelist" will resolve this issue. Can you explain how?

How LDAP is related to the proxies "Websocket origin whitelist"

Thank you

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Don´t Forget !

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