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Add 2 dimensions and 2 measures in bar chart - qlik sense

Hello People

I need to show day wise sales along with daily targets for each product type in the same chart.

Basically i need to add 2 dimension and 2 measures in the bar chart but it is not possible in qlik sense.

Please provide me alternate solutions ,

* Any other better chart to compare sales vs target on daily basis of products.

* can i add reference line for target (each product has different target per day)

* or provide me any other efficient solution for the issue.

qlik new.PNG

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An alternative would be use a combo chart. In that way you will have two fields that way you have y axis on the left and a different field for the y axis on the right. 

There is an anychart extension that should allow you to do what you're looking for as well:

This thread has more info on both approaches: