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Adding an URL to the description of an App.

Hi folks

After searching for several tags in this community, i found nothing to solve my problem.

I want to give a kind of glossary or documentation of all tables and columns of the App to the user.

It should be like an "at a glance" document so that the User shouldn't step through each object or help-bubble

to get an overview of the content and intention of the App.

The easiest way would be to put an URL in the description of the App that would work as URL.

One can write an URL to this description, but it is just text.

I don't want to put in a worksheet because it has nothing to do with the (reporting)-workflow.

So the App-Header will be a fine location for this.

Is there anybody out there who hade the same problem and, in best case, has solved it?

Thanx in adv for repley


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