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Adding space between text(white space) in text/Image chart

Hello everyone,

Well I'm pretty new to Qlik, but i never imagined i would ask help about this .

So i want to add additional spacing (white space) between text in text/image chart, but anything i  tried was a bust. Any help or guidance are welcome .

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Thank you Michael for the answer, but 2 objects are not an option, as dynamic change (screen resizing etc.) and difference in font size between text and measure for example makes those 2 objects not lined up.

But yes, some people would definitely find the answer helpful, as i have some of my work set up this way.

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One way is to add the text like 1234 between your text and metric and change the color of text to white, this way it will be hidden and you will have spaces as well.

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I found another solution:

='Current year:' & Chr(160) & Chr(160) & Chr(160) & <measure>

Chr(160) = Space

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Oredas,

I got a similar thing to work by doing the following:

  • Add ' . . . . ' in the middle of the text
  • Highlight only the ' . . . . '
  • Select white in the color dropdown
Contributor II
Contributor II

Another solution:

=Repeat(Chr(160),10) & <measure>

10 = quantity of spaces

Creator III
Creator III

How to add space between two values or texts in QLik sense:-


For one space:-


For more than one:-

&chr(160)&chr(160)&chr(160)[this is for  3 space]



='Overall sales'&Repeat(Chr(160),4) &  Num( Avg(Sales),'#,0')


Here "4" is equal to number of spaces . you can also give 5,6,7, on

I have tried this syntax in my app and it's working fine

Screenshot (549).png

Screenshot (550).png

Screenshot (551).png

Screenshot (552).png

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

I am using Sense November 2018. I needed to create a text object, but wanted to have 2 variables interact with the object. When I use the text/Image chart and use text only I could get the indents I want, but I could not incorporate the variables. When I use the new measure option I could get the variables to interact but lost the indents, even using chr(9) or chr(160). This is how I want to object to look. The variables, 24 and 6 update with the variable selection and the indent on each row. 









After much struggling I decided to try, chr(2688), what I think is a white dot. It seems to works with all the themes I have. 

='Reloading the App :'&chr(10)&Repeat(chr(2688),3)&
'The App can be reloaded at any time but it is best to schedule a reload at the end of the 1st of the Month.'&chr(10)&Repeat(chr(2688),3)&
'It will always load from the Month Start of the current month the prior '&$(v_Reload_Months)&' Months, based of the Transaction Date.'&chr(10)&Repeat(chr(2688),3)&
'It will create a forecast based on the Months to Forecast variable, in this case '&$(v_Forecast)&' Months.'&chr(10)&//Repeat(chr(2688),3)&

Hopefully this can be of help. 



We are using Feb 2022, looks like the issue still persists. We have a custom image with our customer's logo and  some gray colored graphics covering the remaining space. Our customer wants the title to go in the right half of image. So we are using a Text box with this image as background and add text on top of it. We are unable to bring the text to the desired position as the only options we have are justify left, justify center or justify right. 

chr(2688) is the savior here. Thanks a bunch @johngouws . I initially thought I could see the white dots as the background is gray, but no, the result looks impeccable.


Contributor II
Contributor II


Fantastic solution for QS! Thanks!!

Creator III
Creator III

Hello, for me unfortunately nothing is working. chr(2688) give this result 


Any other ideas? chr(160) is not working. 

Thank you so much in advance! @Michael_Tarallo