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Adding to Document Analyzer

First of all, I LOVE document analyzer and use it quite often, but I've been wondering. 

My users have put it to me that they want to know who OWNs each sheet and if I can add that to the document analyzer.

Yes, I know I can go to the QMC to look up individual sheets, but we're talking 100's of sheets and some with similar names and the manual process is tedious.  Is there a way INSIDE Qlik, that we can identify sheet owners quickly and not manually?

If so, how can we tie the Sheet Id's from the Document Analyzer to the User?  I noticed that my Sheet ID's in the D.A. aren't the same as the Sheet Id in the QMC.



Thank you!

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Creator II
Creator II

go to https:/server/qmc/appobjects
and filter out the sheets on the basis of names