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Adding users with limited access in the QMC


We are attempting to add a user that is able to publish their own work but not effect any other streams or user material. Is there a security role that limits someone just to be able to publish/duplicate/export their own work within the QMC?

Also, is there somewhere on the Qlik site where the different roles we can assign are defined? I was unable to locate the specific website if it is on there.

This is for the Qlik Sense Enterprise version

Thanks so much for your support,


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Re: Adding users with limited access in the QMC

Well, Just Today I was going through something similar.
One option is if you look at the security rules in QMC, there are already some defined, you can get something out from them.
Another option is to define a new role for this user with the corresponding rights. The help page Security rules example: Recreating a document admin by creating a QMC app admin ‒ Qlik Sense
this should give you some insight...

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