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Creator II
Creator II

Adjust DATE field to show as Fiscal Quarters

Hello all, I'm having some trouble trying to convert my current Date field into Fiscal Quarters.


My current Date fields in the first column. I'd like to convert it, as so in the second column. Ideally, my Date field will start at October, November, December as Q1; Jan, Feb, March as Q2; and so forth.

Can anyone point me to any references on how to make this work? I've tried a few threads and was unsuccessful but if anyone had any pointers please feel free to drop a link! Much appreciated to all the Qlik gurus out there.


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Specialist III
Specialist III


=If(Match(Month([Date]),'Oct','Nov','Dec') > 0,'Q1-FY'&Mid((Year([Date])+1),3,4),
If(Match(Month([Date]),'Jan','Feb','Mar') > 0,'Q2-FY'&Mid(Year([Date]),3,4),
If(Match(Month([Date]),'Apr','May','Jun') > 0,'Q3-FY'&Mid(Year([Date]),3,4),'Q4-FY'&Mid(Year([Date]),3,4))))

Creator II
Creator II

Sir, you are truly an amazing person. I was doing everything wrong with my syntax. I did a bit of tweaking with your guidance but this is the solution. Again, thank you for your help!