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Adjusting Export-to-excel extension


I adore this Export-to-excel  simple extension for Qlik SENSE however knowing nothing about the back-end of extensions I'd like to know:

- is it possible to add formatting like bold headers, central/left alignment, width of the columns fitted to data - in the EXCEL exported?

- to specify the name of the file (to take away usual abrakadabra part)?

- to change the save-to path?

I'm considering contacting the extension's author... Seems like there's just some code to be added to the extension files...

Most importantly, without an extension - is it possible to change the formatting of the exported Excel in Qlik SENSE? We print a lot of these and adjusting column width and colors every time is too notorious...

Thanks in advance for any help! 


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Re: Adjusting Export-to-excel extension

Hi Aleksandra - I'd like to know if you were able to find an extension that has the features you've mentioned above - I've been looking for such an extension for a Qlik sense solution we are developing. TIA!

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