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Aggr is not working Properly

Hi All,

I am using single KPI in Qlik sense.

When I am using below expression then it is showing correct data:

if(sum({$<Z_DATE=,Holiday_HD ={'Y'}, PLANT_HD -= {'All'},M_DATE={">=$(=(Date(Date#('$(vDATE)','M/D/YYYY') - 90)))<=$(=(Date(Date#('$(vDATE)','M/D/YYYY') - 1)))"}>} ORD_LINE_CNT)>0,'0','1')

however when I am using below expression it is showing 0.

sum(Aggr(if(sum({$<Z_DATE=,Holiday_HD ={'Y'}, PLANT_HD -= {'All'},M_DATE={">=$(=(Date(Date#('$(vDATE)','M/D/YYYY') - 90)))<=$(=(Date(Date#('$(vDATE)','M/D/YYYY') - 1)))"}>} ORD_LINE_CNT)>0,'0','1'),M_DATE))

Can anyone please help me resolve this.

Thanks in advance,


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