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Contributor III
Contributor III

Aggregating data without losing granularity

I'm struggling to figure out how to aggregate data without it causing me to not be able to measure by other dimensions.

Key Dimensions

[Mon] = month

[Resource Group] = The dimension which connects [FTE] and [ResourceCost]

[Role] = a sub-dimension of [Resource Group]

[Sector] = A dimension for clients  - used in a master dimension, with drill down to [Database Code]

[Type] = Whether or not the [Resource Group] is shared across [Model] - for the purpose of this calculation we are looking at 'Mix'

Key Measures

[FTE] = Single values stored per ([Resource Group], [Role], [Mon]) - represents the number of resources

[ResourceCost] = Single values stored per ([Resource Group], [Mon]) - represents the cost of resources

What I'm trying to calculate

The master measure I'm looking to calculate is the [Resource Cost] for each [Mon] and [Role] (or at least [Mon] and [Resource Group].

Calculating this in Excel I would:

1. For each [Role] and [Mon], calculate the percentage of [FTE] of [Type] = 'Mix' and [Model] = 'Heritage' as a percentage of the total [FTE] in that [Resource Group]

2. Multiply each number by the [Resource Cost] in that ([Mon], [Resource Group]) to calculate the cost for each [Role] (or at least [Resource Group])



(Sum({<[Model]={'Heritage'}>*<[Type]={'Mix'}>} ([FTE]*[ResourceCost])) / (Sum([FTE])


Sum({<[Model]={'Heritage'}>*<[Type]={'Mix'}>} [FTE])/(Sum(FTE/[ResourceCost])))

Both of the above attempts evaluate correct values against single values of [Resource Group], however against multiple or all values of [Resource Group] (or drilled down to [Role] level) don't evaluate correctly - the intended result is the sum of the individually evaluated values against [Resource Group].


Sum(Aggr(Sum({<[Model]={'Heritage'}>*<[Type]={'Mix'}>} ([FTE]*[ResourceCost])) / (Sum([FTE])),[Resource Group]))


Sum(Aggr(Sum({<[Model]={'Heritage'}>*<[Type]={'Mix'}>} [FTE])/(Sum(FTE/[ResourceCost])),[Resource Group]))

Aggregating either of these makes the calculation work correctly against [Resource Group] in all scenarios but then the aggregate means that the calculation means it won't evaluate against the other dimensions [Mon] and [Sector]

I'm at a bit of a loss on how to get this to evaluate correctly. Any ideas?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Anyone have any ideas?
Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Hi Thomas,

Can you share a sample QVF and an Excel file with the desired outcome?



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