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Contributor III
Contributor III

Agregation on only first few values

Dear All,

imagine a table like this:



I have to:

1. Calculate  average on first (the oldest) 5 values.

2. Calculate average for first (the oldest) 2 values for specific month, lets say March.

dates will be changing so I can't simply use set expression and fix dates to get first values.

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Champion III
Champion III

try this

 for first   "=aggr(if(rank(avg(value))<=5,Date),Date) "

for second:  "=aggr(if(rank(avg(value))<=2,Month),Month) "    ( month you need to derive from date field)

Contributor III
Contributor III

I have tried the first one so far but it looks like it returns date, not average value.


@paweln May be this for first one

Avg(Aggr(If(date >= Max(TOTAL date, 5), value), date)

For Second, will you be selecting a month or do you want it to be passed in as set analysis?