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Alignment of Object in Mobile Screen

Dear Qlikers,

We have delivered the Application to our client, they are using the application on the mobile also. We have developed the application which is suitable for hall presentation but when it comes to the mobile screen, the charts aligning in the way LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM manner, which doesn't show the charts in the meaning full way.

Kindly provide a solution how to define the chart alignment on the mobile screen.

* We have tried using Object container were the charts are very difficult to interact and hard interface.

* We cannot duplicate the application, for the mobile user because developer works will be doubled and # of sheets are also high.



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Re: Alignment of Object in Mobile Screen

Fortunately Qlik Sense UI technology is responsive so you don't have to take care of devices size because it automatically resize all your app objects accordingly.

I suggest you to avoid the use of extension objects because they often are not responsive compliant.

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Re: Alignment of Object in Mobile Screen

Yeah..!! it is responsive and resize the object according with respect to the screen size.

Problem is, I have presentation sheet in the following way,


It is meaning full when I see the chart from top to bottom. But in mobile, charts are displaying in the way,


In which I suppose to see the charts in the order as I mentioned as meaning full.

Is there is any way to overcome this issue when it becomes responsive?

Re: Alignment of Object in Mobile Screen

For display on smartphones I use mashups, developed using the mobile first principle. Then onwards develop it for tablets, laptop and extra large screens.  Bootstrap is good for this.

Yup, this is a fair bit of web dev work especially as I prefer native html objects populated from hypercubes as opposed to embedded Qlik viz objects.  But the end product is spot on and the users love it.