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Allow multiple developers access to same app


I need some assistance figuring out all the steps to for allowing multiple developers to work on the same app.

The app is currently owned by  QlikAdmin which has rootadmin role.

I would like a user JohnA who is a developer to be able to share/see all apps owned by QlikAdmin.

How to go about this?


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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

You might find this discussion useful.

Basically you'll need to create a security rule granting access for the other user(s) to the QlikAdmin's apps. There are a few compromises in doing this as it can be difficult for two people to work on the same app without overwriting each other. i tend to find it is more manageable to give other users the content admin role so they can create their own copies, assuming they need to do development on them, and then coordinate any changes into a master version that gets published.


Hi Rodj,

Do you happen to have a sample of the security rules changes required?

my case is slightly different as I am both Admin and JohnA in this example. We have single signon activated so when I am working from home I work from the Qlik server directly as Admin but when in the office I don't like to be taking ownership of the unpublished apps. So this change will allow me to work from any account without the need of changing owners or duplicating the apps or switching users.