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Allow users to reload published apps.


I We have build a web portal where users can upload data and view it in a published qlik sense app. I want to trigger a reload of the app, using the repository api, when a user has uploaded new data.



Using the api described above works well and good if the app is not published. Trying to use the api on a published app as a target, the server returns 403 Forbidden.

Is there a way to allow the owner of an app to do a refresh on a published app without allowing him/her to update the app in other ways?

Thankful for input,


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Re: Allow users to reload published apps.

Hi Viktor,

probably it isnt what you want, but maybe help you Reload Button extension for Qlik Sense - mhamano/Qlik-Sense-Reload-Button · GitHub. Everybody can refresh app by button.

More about update rights on same web: mhamano/Qlik-Sense-Reload-Button · GitHub.


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Re: Allow users to reload published apps.

Thanks for the link.

I tried using the security rule as described in the 'experimental' section to reload published apps, but I can't get it to work. I published an app to the 'Everyone' stream and tried to make the api call but still receive the 403 forbidden response.

Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.

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Re: Allow users to reload published apps.

Hi Viktor,

A reload extension placed on the screen will help you solve your issue.

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Re: Allow users to reload published apps.

Hi Sangram,

Thanks for your answer! Maybe I'm not expressing my intent completely clear. I want the app to be refreshed automatically when the user has uploaded new data. I intend to do this by making a call to the repository api when the upload has finished thus triggering the reload task. This is working well on unpublished apps but I get 403 forbidden repsonses on apps that are published.

I don't want to add an extension to my app.

I need help with writing a security rule that allows owner of apps to trigger reloads, no matter if the apps are published or not.

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