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Alternate State in QlikSense

Hi All,

I have tried providing alternate state in QlikSense using Engine API.

I was able to provide  alternate state as - 'A', and the GetProperties of object shows as -


    "jsonrpc": "2.0",

    "id": 7,

    "result": {

        "qProp": {

            "qInfo": {

                "qId": "EaHpC",

                "qType": "filterpane"


            "qMetaDef": {},

            "qChildListDef": {

                "qData": {

                    "info": "/qInfo"



            "qStateName": "A",

            "showTitles": false,

            "title": "",

            "subtitle": "",

            "footnote": "",

            "showDetails": false,

            "visualization": "filterpane"




But when I try to check it in application, its not working.

Please help.



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Re: Alternate State in QlikSense

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Re: Alternate State in QlikSense

I have already gone through the links.

I want to achieve it using QlikEngine API.

Please assist.