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Contributor III
Contributor III

Alternate States - keep everything BUT certain selections synchronised

Let's say I have a couple of standard selection in my app like Produkt, Sales Person, Office and Year.

I want to create an alternate state and set expression that only affects the year while keeping everything else synchronised. I already saw in the documentation that you can manually choose which fields to keep that way like so:

count({State1<Year = $::Year, Month = $::Month>} DISTINCT [Invoice Number])


Now is it possible to the "inverse" and just select certain fields from the alternate state and keep everything else synchronised?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Update: I've found it.
It works like so:
sum({$<JahrPeriode = Muster::JahrPeriode, MonatPeriode = Muster::MonatPeriode>} [CE11000.MusterFlag])

Now only these two fields are affected