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Alternating the Table connections

This might be a stupid question but I can't seem to find the right way to do it.

Here's my Problem:

I've loaded some really big tables into my Qlik Sense Desktop and they didn't get connected through the auto connection, because some fields were named wrong.

Now I'm trying to rename some columns, so that my "CustomerID" and my "c.CustomerID" will be connected correctly.

BUT, here is another problem, I can't redownload the whole database, because my connection is not that fast and it takes really...really long to load the database into my Projekt.

I hope that I'm just missing a simple function here...

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Re: Alternating the Table connections

You can 'export' some tables in your current app by:

1. create a new app

2. Binary load from old to the new app

3. after the binary load, use STORE to store the tables as QVDs

4. in another new app, load existing tables from the QVDs in #3,  load missing tables from database

you can also use "drop field" to remove fields you don't want and (LEFT/RIGHT INNER/OUTER) JOIN to merge a database query with an existing table