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Alternative Dimensions Button

Hi all,

I'd like to create a button menu that allows the user to choose the "alternative dimension" to show in a chart.

I know that there is the possibility to add alternative dimensions directly in the properties of the chart, but I'd like to create an alternative way to select those dimensions.

So, I have 3 dimensions (Dimension1, Dimension2 and Dimension3) and one misure.

I'd like to calculate the misure on the only one dimension selected by the user.

I have created a variable called "var1" with 3 values : "dim1", "dim2" and "dim3".

I have created 3 botton too, and I have associated the value to them.


Botton1 set var1 with the value "dim1",

Botton2 set var2 with the value "dim2",

Botton3 set var3 with the value "dim3".

At least, in the chart field expression editor i have written this expression:

if(var1=dim1', Dimension1,

  if(var1='dim2', Dimension2,

    if(var1='dim3', Dimension3




In this way, I have a chart and 3 bottons that allow to the user to select the alternative dimensions.

The problem is that it doesn't work, and I don't understand why.

I think the problem is in the expression, but I no have idea how to write the expression.

Can someone help me?

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Don't know if this will get you to what you want.

There is an extension called bi-era.com_listbox you can download from Qlik Branch.

This will allow you to create a list box with many variations.  So you could have your 3 choices defined here.

Then in your chart or table code you Dimension to be $(='[' & only(Dim1) & ']')

In my script I have loaded an inline table with the values from the listbox and the appropriate value from the actual table to load the data based on that dimension.


Load * Inline [


'By Facility','Facility'

'By District','District'

'By Region','Region'


Hopefully that will get you in the right direction

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Thank you Mark.

I tried to download the extension but the download link doesn't work.

Can you send me the .zip file of that extension or post here the correct link, please?


there is extension call qsVariable for Qliksense.

Qlik Branch

You can use variable to change dimension on click.