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Alternative Measures Question

I have a line chart with a Group of Year-Month and an Area of Level of Automation.

I calculate the percentages for Each Level of Automation for each Year-Month.  So each Year-Month total 100%.

The expression is this 

Count(Distinct (ShipmentNumber) / Count(distinct Total  <[Year-Month]> ShipmentNumber

Works great.

Now I want to add an alternative measure for  Year and see the percentages for each Automation Level by Year.  The above expression does not work for Year.  I need to change <[Year-Month]> to <Year> .  I can break this into 2 charts and that works.  

But is there a way to accomplish this in a single chart?

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Hello @rittermd I am not 100% sure I am getting what you really need to achieve, but have you tried with Combo Chart instead of using a Bar Chart or Line Chart?

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