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An error occurred - Access denied at end of sheet load

We recently installed a third party extension library on our Qlik Sense server. We have several sheets in a document that use a variety of these extensions and when using them directly on our qlik server, everything is fine.

However, when we put this into production, we receive  the following the "An error occurred - Access denied" at the end of the sheet load. 

After a bit of trial and error, I manage to pinpoint what was having issues and if I removed a certain extension, the error disappears. This is curious given the visualisation that seemingly causes the error works as it should. I have been in contact with the vendor of the library and they suggest it may be down to security at a server level - hence why it works on DEV and not PRD.

I have looked at developer tools, tried Fiddler but I can't for the life of me see what is being denied access. Is there any way to get a more detailed error to be displayed?