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Anyone used new GEO functions other than GeoMakePoint()?

Although there is help for the new Sense geo-functions under https://help.qlik.com/sense/en-US/online/#../Subsystems/WorkingWith/Content/Scripting/GeographicalFu... I don't understand how to use them (except GeoMakePoint() ...)

Has anyone used them in practical life and can share a script with me?


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Re: Anyone used new GEO functions other than GeoMakePoint()?

Hi Christof,

Even I haven't use except GeoMakePoint(). But I'm working on Qlik Maps for some time and facing so many difficulties like inserting two co-ordinates and joining with a line. If you have any idea or further information please share.. I tried to use some of the GEO functions which was not worked in openstreet maps. As far as my understanding Qlik maps need more changes to insert extensions and API extraction.

Thanks in Advance.