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App Logout Disable?

Hi guys,

Is it possible at an individual user level to disable the automatic logout after periods of inactivity?

I want to display the app on a large monitor for continual display.

I dont want to change the setting in the virtual proxies (timeout) if possible

Many Thanks,


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Re: App Logout Disable?


You may change this at the virtual proxy.

Pros for increasing session inactivity timeout

- Your user will keep their session longer

- Keep selections and navigation active for a longer time

Cons against increasing session inactivity timeout

- If you use login access passes for your environment a long inactivity session timeout will most likely consume more login access passes hence a single pass i limited to a single user for one hour.

- As long the user session is active RAM will be allocated to this session as if the user where active.

I can't think of another way rather than changing the virtual proxy timeout..


Re: App Logout Disable?

Hi Omar i preferably do not want to make the change in the virtual proxy.

Doing this will make the change to all apps. I want to make the change to 1 app



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Re: App Logout Disable?

I am not aware of a way to do this for a specific app.

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