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Creator II
Creator II

App Overview "Community" section of sheets


I noticed today that on one of my published apps, in the App Overview, there is a section called "Community" under the "My Sheets" section. When was this added and is there a way to disable this from being shown?


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Creator III
Creator III

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May be these are the reasons.

The current sheets are Un-Approved.

In Qlik Sense, users (with permissions) can create their own sheets. These sheets will not be seen by any other users unless the owner chooses to publish them.  Once published, the sheet goes into the Community sheets area.


If, there is QMC Utilities.

Sheet Approver

The Sheet Approver enables users to approve published sheets in an app, thus, making them base sheets of the Qlik Sense application. In addition, it's possible to un-approve sheets as well and push them back to the community.

Creator III
Creator III

Add more information:

From Qlik Sense June 2018, we can approve/unpublish the sheets (in Community area) from hub without using QMC Utilities

Qlik Sense June 2018 - What's New - YouTube

Creator II
Creator II

Thanks for the info. Do you know where in the QMC I can restrict the security so only a small group of people can publish these types of sheets?

Creator III
Creator III

Creator II
Creator II

Exactly what I needed. Thanks!