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App takes long time top Open

Whenever I try to open an app, it takes a long time to open. What could be the possible reasons?

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Re: App takes long time top Open

The first time an app is opened it is loaded into memory.  So if it is a big app with a lot of data it could take some time to load.  If you are doing a lot of calculations in the app that could slow it down.  If you are not loading a QVD file and are loading data directly that could slow it down.  It could be that you don't have enough memory on your server.

As you can see it could be many things.  If you share more details about your app and your situation that would help.

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Re: App takes long time top Open

We are loading via QVD  files.  It is a finance App, where we are using some calculations. The size of the App is 670 MB.

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Re: App takes long time top Open

A very simple way to check your server behaviour is to use the task manager :

1 - restart Qlik engine service in order to remove the cache

2 - open the task manager to supervise CPU and memory consupton

3 - open your app using any user

As Mark said, if the server is not the problem, it could be many causes. Try to share more details about this app.