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Contributor III
Contributor III

App theme&sheet styling, default bookmark lost lost when change environment

Hello everyone,

We're working with 3 environments (DEV, PRE, PRO). Theorically with the same configuration.


The probloem is that when my app is deployed from dev to pre o pro, the whole sheet configuration gets lost. No app theme (customed but exists in the destination environments ), no background color or header image. Plus I have a default bookmark that is not applied when opening the app (the bookmark still extist though).

¿Any ideas why this is happening?

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Hi @Pedro_Rodriguez 

With the theme file (and probably the background colour and header image with it) the theme needs to be installed on the server in each environment. If the theme has the same name in each environment the app should find the same theme when it is promoted from one server to the other.

The remembering of selections between settings is done on a per user / per server basis, so this will not go across with the app.

You could look at using a sheet open action in the app to apply the bookmark, but I am really not a fan of this approach. Personally I would make a button available to apply the bookmark and then have the button change colour based on whether the selections in the bookmark are currently applied.

Hope that helps.