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App to show all User Logins?

I have had a couple of users claim that they have logged into QS many more times than is showing up in the License Monitor app.

I have tested and confirmed that the only time they show up in the License Monitor is when they actually open an app.  If they simply log into the hub they do not show up.

Is there a way to create an app that will show all logins to the hub?

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It seems logical to me that the Licence Monitor app only shows things that have consumed licence tokens. 

Simply connecting to the hub does not consume any licence tokens, one has to actually connect to an App to consume a licence token.

Master II
Master II

Maybe you are looking for Web Site Hit Counter?

I don't know if that's even possible to have it for just opening the HUB but not opening the apps.

For Apps maybe you can use HTML code to embed it into Qlik Sense and use it in front end to show how many number of users logged in that app. The counter will just give you number but not detail.

Quick-counter.net - HTML code for a website hit counter


Maybe dig more into how to do Mashups and you can use that counter?