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Appending Tables


First post with an issue that is probably very simple but is driving me mad. I have searched the forums (and Google) for the answer but i cannot find it. Odd really, as it is a fundamental part of any data of any data control. Nevertheless, i just cannot figure out how to append new data to an existing data. I either end up losing the data of overwriting the data (I suspect deleting the table and creating a new one).

What I have is a series of report delivered daily, with a time stamp in the report name. What I would like is to import the latest report into the table for further trend analysis.

This is what I have (that does not work)

Let DaysBack=1;

Let StartDate=date(Today())-DaysBack;

Let FolderYear = Year(StartDate);

Let FolderMonth = num(Month(StartDate),00);

Let FolderDay=num(Day(StartDate),00);

Let FolderName='PROJECT'&' '& FolderYear&'-'&FolderMonth&'-'&FolderDay;

Let DirectoryP1GSM='lib://Company_Local/'&FolderName&'/*GSM_PROJECT_P1.txt';

//create path name to file for import (previous day)


LOAD * FROM [$(DirectoryP1GSM)](txt, codepage is 28591, embedded labels, delimiter is '\t', msq,table is [GSM_P1]);

//import new data into temporary table



LOAD * Resident TempTable;

//append temporary table to main table (GSM_P1)

Drop Table TempTable;

//lose temporary table and free up memory

What I end up with is a loss of all tables!!

Is should be noted the structure (headers etc) of each imported file is exactly the same.




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Re: Appending Tables


Re: Appending Tables

As far as i am concerned you can also use the ADD function to ADD new data to an existing table