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Apply Excel style formulae

I want to apply excel style formula in my App. Below is sample of what I want to implement


Measure 110203030Measure4-10 (=D3-C4+B5)0(=E3-D4+C5)
Measure 240505050
Measure 310204040

Measure1 to 3 are defined in the data model. I want to display Measure4 in a table with Month Dimension and calculated as per the formula.

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Re: Apply Excel style formulae


Try with Column(...) and also with Above(...) and Below(...)

If possible upload a sample app with sample data and the expected outcome. It's not clear is you'd like to show two numbers for every month. What's F and what's G

I hope this helps,



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Re: Apply Excel style formulae

Thanks Luis!!

These are 2 separate tables to be replicated on a sheet. Column A to E is one table and Column G to I is a separate table. Column H is just a blank space and of no significance. I can't use Column() or Above() or Below as these apply in the same table. Moreover my first 2 columns would be blank as these are based on measures in previous 2 columns.