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Contributor III
Contributor III

Are Qlik Sense charts influenced by Chrome screen zoom?

Hi everyone,

In some combo charts in Google Chrome having zoom 100%, the x-axis labels are not displayed.

If I change the zoom to 90% or lower the x-axis labels are shown. 

I supposed that if the sheet if setup to responsive behavior the zoom % will not influence how Qlik is displaying the charts and will automatically adapt to zoom %.  

Can somebody explain why QLIK is influenced by zoom value? Do you know a solution for this?

I'm using QLIK Sense enterprise, Feb 2022 version.


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Contributor III
Contributor III

Yes it is influenced by the screen zoom. For screenshots, I typically make the chart full screen, zoom to 150% and take a screenshot. If the numbers are being cut off or not showing on the top. I go to appearance --> Y Axis --> set the range to custom and set a max that is a little higher that shows the value.


Its a little funky but it works out great for screenshots for powerpoints