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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Attributes from different tables not connected

I have several tables with lots of attributes, all of which are connected by an ExamID. This exam ID is linked, in another table, to a PatientID. I would like to understand why, when I choose one attribute, I cannot see other attributes that a patient having that first one has. I'm sharing a very basic and simplified data sample. 

In the first image, I can see the exam results for a patient, and how many patients have a certain Organ. When I select "positive" in the result column, I would still like to see, out of those patients with a positive results, how many there were for each organ, but this is not the case. I see there is one patient that has *some* organ attibute, but not which one.  How could I fix this?






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Specialist II
Specialist II

There are no problems on your datamodel.

In your sample data there are no Organ associated with Result=positive.

2021-02-11 11_49_33-Window.png


Michele De Nardi
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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Thank you for your reply. Even though they-re not associated to the same exam, they both beling to patient 2 on the first table, and this is the relationship I want to show. Even in different exams (and they'll allways be different because is a different type of test) which patients have both a positive result and a certain organ. Can this be done?