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Contributor III
Contributor III

Audit model track and analyze users selections

Hello all

turned on the Enable Extensive Audit Logging, is there a qlikview model that does analysis on the user selections?

would like to get a better understating of what the do

thanks a lot

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Master II
Master II

Hi Jonathan,

In QlikSense make use of the License monitor and Operations Monitor Dashboard for your auditing, as it gives you the entire event history of every user and the changes hay have invoked.

The audit files in QlikSense are found with this name : <MachineName>_AuditSecurity_Repository.txt

In Qlikview , Governance dashboard gives you the same functionality.

For additional information check the Links below.

check these links for your question:

Audit Log- Where I can get it?

- Sangram Reddy.


Are you asking about QlikView or Qlik Sense? Because "extensive audit logging" is a QlikView setting yet this is posted in the Qlik Sense forum.