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Authentication in Qlik Sense Hub


There's something I want to Know about Qlik Sense Authentication (in Hub only):

In the picture above, I have two computer names. What is the difference between them? I mean One is the name of the computer and the second the name the computer and the domain.

When I login with https://qslab/hub  >> Automatically, the hub opens with my active directory credentials and I can't change it.I took a ticket automatically. Perhaps, when I login with https://qslab.test.com.lb/hub >> they ask me to enter my username and password to get a ticket.

So, what is the difference between them? and What is the role of the websocket whitelist in the virtual proxies tab in the qmc.

Thank you in advance,


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Re: Authentication in Qlik Sense Hub

my guess.. one of them uses your network domain and it doesn't ask for credentials and the other uses a domain you set up on the virtual proxy and it does ask... just thoughts

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