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Auto-Calendar does not generate when adding and preparing data source


I desperately need auto-calendar to run for an excel spreadsheet i uploaded which includes a date column in the format of DD/MM/YYYY. I am using Qlik Sense Desktop 3.0 so to my understanding this feature should work but it doesn't.

I tried deleting the excel spreadsheet from the app --> re-adding it --> clicking on "prepare data" and then on "load data" as shown on the video tutorials but the auto calendar would not generate.

I tried to add the Month and Year columns manualy to the dataload but the add option is greyed out. i think it's because the excel file i uploaded has 5 sheets that contain the exact same tables for 5 different banks so they get recognized as one big table which is good for me so i don't want to split them into 5 separate items.

How to i get the auto calendar feature to work?

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Re: Auto-Calendar does not generate when adding and preparing data source

Hi can you show what are you trying to do? or upload an example to be easier to understand and help you?


Fernando K.

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Re: Auto-Calendar does not generate when adding and preparing data source

Hi, will try to explain myself better.

I added 4 tables to dataload manager. all their columns are exactly alike (bank statements for 4 different banks) so rightfully dataload manager joined them into one concatenated table:

However the first column which is a date in each of these tables, does not get recognized as a date. it is defined as general. Which is why the auto calendar does not kick off.  I cannot edit the format to date because the format icon is not available. i assume this is because the tables are concatenated:

If i split the tables into 4 individual ones I can edit the format of the date column into date but then how do I re concatenate these tables again? I want them to be considered one and not 4.

I tried the association feature but it only lets me associate one column per 2 tables at the time. if i try to add another association, it breaks the first one (e.g. if i associate the dates between 2 tables and then try to associate the income column between them, it breaks the date association).

I know there is more flexibility in dataload editor but once I unlock it there is no going back and i am really not comfortable with scripting so would like to stay with dataload manager available.

Is there a way to "tell" dataload manager that my date column contains dates without splitting the tables? or if i have to split them, how can i concatenate them back?