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Auto vs. Sum (Table vs. KPI)


I have a table that shows hours saved per group per process. While I am using Totals function as 'Auto' it's generating wrong totals, but selecting Totals Function as 'Sum' giving the right results.  I want to show the total/sum in a seperate KPI. However, when I write the formula it shows the total wrong (it shows the same number as when I choose 'Auto' in the table). How can I change my formula to show the same number as when I choose 'Sum' in the table? As far as I can see I cannot choose between Auto and Sum for the KPI. 

Additional info is that the 'Completed Cases' is a variable. It consist of incoming cases minus exception cases.

The formula I use for calculating total hours 

=sum(aggr($(vCompletedCases),Process,Group))*sum(aggr([Minutes per case per process], Process,Group))/60

GroupProcessMinutes per case per processCompleted cases per group per processTotal hours per group per process
Total  5114,49 (what I want)
A1104(10*4)/60 = 0,67

Hope you can help me! In advance, thank you.

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