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Automatic Clear All Trigger in Qliksense

Hi Experts,

Do we have the Clear All Trigger Extension objects in Qliksense like Qlikview.

Suppose if we have select Year=2018 in first sheet after navigate to the second sheet the selection need to be clear automatically.

I have seen the Clear All extensions in Qlik Branch but those are like User needs to click the Clear All Button to clear the selections Manually, but I am looking for Automatic Clear All Trigger.

Please let me know if there is any extension object available in Qliksense for Automatic Clear All Trigger.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Automatic Clear All Trigger in Qliksense


have your tried with stephan sheet navigation extension?

Qlik Branch

let's say u have two sheet inside your app , so u can use his extension for clear all selection before navigating to next sheet . u just need to do below settings in his extension. for more refer to the attached sample app. Thanks


other way, u also create a own api extension

clearAll method ‒ Qlik Sense Developers

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Re: Automatic Clear All Trigger in Qliksense

Hi Devarasu,

Thanks for Your Reply.

I have seen this extension but here when the User clicks the Clear All Selections Button Manually then only the Selections will be cleared before navigating to next sheet.

I am looking for automatic Clear all trigger same like qlikview.

For example in the App when we have selected 1/1/2017 from date field after navigate to the Next sheet the same selection will be visible here it has to be cleared automatically the previous selection sheets not to be visible on the second sheet.


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Re: Automatic Clear All Trigger in Qliksense

Then try this one:

Qlik Branch