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Creator II
Creator II

Automatically update data in Qlik Sense "Story Telling" charts

Hi All,

I am looking for a solution where I create a story once and every week the data should automatically get updated in the story.

I understand that we can use snapshots and the entire sheet itself within a story, However, is there a way which probably I am not aware of which can help me achieve a story where the data in those charts in the story has to update every week or so.

FYI - I use Qlik Sense 3.2

Thank you very much.

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Master II
Master II

In alot of ways its better than a powerpoint presentation as you can easily move back and forth between your live and static data which can be very powerful in turning your meeting into something more dynamic than a formal reporting of facts.

Practical uses

I've used stories for How to guides with the sheet function. (see your monitor apps for a good layout)

For supporting Quarterly Business Reviews (Copy the last story and update the charts accordingly)  this is a high level steering meeting so the story should be limited in scope and the time to built it so you can jump off into your data if required.

Fo regular reporting needs like I say NPrinting is a solution if you want to extend your existing Qlik Sense or QlikView investment,

Hope this helps



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Mostly enigma js, as far as I know it's not covered in the other APIs. And as I said, it's rather complicated.



Will this only work with worksheets embedded? how about snapshots would those update?

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Mary,

Snapshots will not be updated in Qlik Sense.


Hi Eric, I'm having the same problem. My experience with this product is relatively new. I would appreciate it if you could pass an example for this update of the story by api. thank you

Nprinting would be nice if it was not that expensive. I totally agree with the original post. When I present the story function, my clients are really enthusiastic, but when I tell them it cannot be updated, they are really disappointed.

I am not looking for something automatic but an option that would allow the user to update the data contained in a story manually.


If anyone has a solution, I would be more than happy to know it.