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Contributor III
Contributor III

Average Trendline in Bar chart in QlikSense


In Qlikview we have an option to show average trendline in bar chart for an expression without writing any separate expression for trendline, but in qliksense same option is not available to show trendline.  and also in qlikview the average is calculating based on the values shown on X.


Dim: Month  Expr: Count (distinct User) 

QlikSense: used same dim and expression, user below expression in reference line.

avg(aggr(Count(distinct User),Month))

Unable to get any line in chart.

Please help me with the expression to show the average value in bar chart. attached screenshot for reference.

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Master III
Master III

Can you share the sample app 



what type of bar chart do you use , it doesn't seem like the qlik sense built in chart 

just played with qlik sense built in chart used an expressions similar to the one you used 

and everything work fine 

or can you post a sample app with data