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Average of Networkdays between Start and Delivery

Hi guys,

I'm creating a new dashboard and I need please your help because I'm stuck..

I have a table structured as this:

SHIP. ID            STATUS                     DATE OF THE STATUS

001                     PICKED UP              2019-01-01

001                     DELIVERED             2019-01-05

002                      .........


If I add one table to my dashboard to count number of days between start and delivery with Networkdays, it works, but I'm stuck when i need to creare a KPI to say, for example, that I have 80% of deliveries within 2 days.

This is the formula that works for each shipment:

=NetWorkDays( only({<Tracking={'PICKED UP'}>} TrackingDate), only({<Tracking={'DELIVERED'}>} TrackingDate))

But if I add a Count function before it, for example, or Sum function, I get an error: Nested aggregation not allowed.


Do you have any idea for that?


Thank you very much again!

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Re: Average of Networkdays between Start and Delivery

why you dont try with cross table load