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Avg Aggregate Function not working in sankey chart

I am trying to use a sankey visualization that has 3 levels - Channel, State, City.  The measure I will be using is a simple score based 1-100.

When I add the measure calculation to the sankey visualization, the values are in the thousands, when it should be an average between 1-100 for each of the 3 levels.

Here is the code I am using.

avg(aggr(sum(score), Channel,State,City))

An example of the data is as follows:

State - City - Score

NY - NYC - 45

NJ - Trenton - 50

NY - Newburgh - 95


Thanks in advance

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Re: Avg Aggregate Function not working in sankey chart

To be a bit more clear in my request, I'll include a screencap to show what I'm experiencing.

As you can see, the gauges are showing the correct avg scores, but on the sankey, the avg scores are off.

Is there a way to show an avg. score by each level of the sankey?