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Contributor III

Avoid auto-refresh of graphs - Alternate states

Hello All,

I posted this query in Qlik Sense App Development but couldn't reach to any solution, hence posting it here again.

I have two graphs in one sheet - a line chart and a pivot table. The pivot table uses quite some complex calculations and takes a bit of time to load. There is one filter in the sheet which should change the line chart but the pivot table is not related to it in any way.

To save time for users, I created an alternate state and added it to the filter and the line chart. The pivot table belongs to the <inherited> state by default. But every time when I select any value in the filter, the pivot table also keeps on refreshing and tries to load again. I am using alternate state for the first time and what I know is, since the pivot table does not belong to the created alternate state, it should not react to any selection made in the filter pane. I am confused about why the pivot table is still loading in that case.

I cannot use the calculation condition since I want to still display the pivot table but just not refresh it on the filter selection.

I got a feedback that detaching the object might be a solution but I don't think it can be done in Qlik Sense. Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks and Regards,

Madhuparna Dhar

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Specialist II
Specialist II


As per my knowledge you cannot do that,

i suggest you to bring all your calculation from backend,

that will help to load faster.

Please mark the correct replies as Solution. Regards, ARK
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